Credit card for trainees is possible.


During training, the first real money is earned, which is paid into your own checking account. There is an EC card for the account so that you can have money anywhere and at any time. A credit card that can be used as an apprentice or trainee is of course also practical. Because it offers great advantages not only when paying in shops or online shops, but also when traveling. Therefore, the interest in a credit card for trainees or apprentices is quite high.

However, there are differences between credit cards with credit lines and prepaid or debit credit cards. Because it depends on the creditworthiness, which is only given when the trainee is of legal age. The choice of credit cards is not very large for young adults. But there are offers that seem quite interesting.

The credit card for trainees must be connected to a checking account. Because the current account with both providers is free. In addition, very attractive conditions are also offered.

Credit card with credit line or credit card for trainees

Credit card with credit line or credit card for trainees

It has been a matter of course for the credit card industry for many years that not only credit cards with credit lines, but also so-called prepaid credit cards are offered. The latter can be used on a credit, so that only as much money can be spent as is available. This option has made the term credit card much more flexible.

For the trainee, the solvency begins at the age of 18. If you take a closer look at the trainees, you will find young people who are well over 18 years old. This is based on the fact that a second training or retraining has been carried out. Anyone who starts training after graduation is usually over 18 years of age. So there are no problems if a credit card is required for trainees.

The credit card for trainees with a credit line is also required to have a good credit rating. The creditworthiness is not important for the prepaid credit card, since only the credit is available that was previously loaded from the checking account. The possibly granted overdraft facility of the checking account is included.

Additional services for credit cards

Additional services for credit cards

There is a suitable credit card for every target group and corresponding additional services in the credit card test. However, these are not so interesting for trainees, since insurance, discounts or discounts on travel affect the fees. The cheapest alternative is a free credit card for trainees, as there are no monthly or annual fees. Depending on the card offer, money can also be withdrawn abroad at a zero tariff.

Conditions such as interest on credit balances, international fees, debit interest and the billing mode should be compared. The credit card offers especially for trainees offer the right checking account, which creates nice and interesting opportunities.